State Attorneys General v. Uber Technologies, Inc.

UPDATE: All checks have been issued, and checks can no longer be re-issued. If you have a check, please cash it by the void date listed on the check.

The Attorneys General of the Participating States listed here entered court settlements and concluded their investigations of a 2016 data breach involving the ride sharing company Uber Technologies. As part of these settlements the Participating States set aside moneys for a payment to the Affected Uber drivers from their respective states whose drivers’ license numbers were accessed during the 2016 data breach (the Breach).

This website provides information regarding these settlements and the process by which Affected Drivers will receive payment by mailed check.

The Uber drivers eligible to receive payment through this settlement are drivers from Participating States whose driver’s license number was accessed during the 2016 Breach and who are confirmed as eligible by the Settlement Administrator (“Eligible Drivers”).

The list of Participating State Attorneys General is available here. An example of the states' filings may be viewed here.  In these state court settlements Uber also agreed to strengthen its data security practices to decrease the risk of similar occurrences in the future.

The Settlement Administrator ("KCC") has all relevant information about this matter and is providing notice to all Eligible Drivers by email or postal mail.  Payment to Eligible Drivers will be by mailed check.

Please do not contact Uber about this settlement as the company has no information regarding the administration of this settlement, your eligibility, or the status of your payment.

Please direct all questions, comments, and communications to the Settlement Administrator at or by calling 1-866-253-3314.

You may also wish to review our list of Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.

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